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Set up by Australian trio, Andrea McDowell and Dina & Ryan Bagus, Buffalo Pond provides accessible swim safety lessons, education, and programs to the community of Lombok, providing much needed life saving skills.

Like many parts of Indonesia, a very large proportion of the local Lombok population is not able to swim, despite many of them living and working within metres of the ocean.


Making a change

There are an estimated 5,000 drownings in Indonesia each year — an average of 13 a day — according to the 2019 Global Health Estimates report.

Buffalo Pond aims not only to address this by upskilling more women and children to improve water safety but to also increase employability within the community.

By raising funds through private swimming lessons, the social enterprise is able to provide free lessons to the local community who simply cannot afford them.


Doing our part

We are excited to share that Reef Property Lombok has committed to sponsoring 10 local children to go through a swimming & water safety program.

This partnership between Reef Property Lombok and Buffalo Pond Swim School proudly addresses the pressing issue of high drowning rates and strives to enhance water safety capabilities within the Lombok community. By supporting this program, we aim to support locally led initiatives that directly contribute to saving lives and building essential skills.

The 10 week scholarship program will kick off in May 2024. Through accredited instructors and tailored curriculums, Buffalo Pond aims to equip individuals of all ages and abilities with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate water safely. This scholarship initiative embodies Buffalo Pond’s mission to reduce drownings but also to empower the community with life-saving skills that extend far beyond the poolside.

This collaboration showcases collective action and a shared commitment to creating tangible impact in the lives of individuals and families, fostering a sense of pride and purpose within the community. Through joint efforts, we hope to play a small part in developing water safety capabilities but also inspire others to join in creating a safer and more resilient community and future. 

You can follow Buffalo Pond’s journey here and if you would like to donate towards this great cause, you can do so here. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will make a difference!

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