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Lombok’s latest holiday resort destination

Barefoot-luxe, Laid-back Luxe, Eco luxe? Choosing just one of these epitomes of luxury seems impossible when it comes to Boni Beach. This resort effortlessly embodies them all, offering a blend of bespoke design, meticulous attention to detail, and a serene, friendly atmosphere.

Surrounded by picturesque views just a short stroll from Serangan beach, at Boni Beach, every aspect of design has been crafted with painstaking precision, down to the smallest of details with quality finishes, from the bespoke handmade coffee cups to the unique artwork and crafted terracotta details.

A collaboration born at the start of the pandemic with the well-established Bali-based Architect and Interior Design Studio Design Assembly.  5 years in the making, the stunning result is a testament to the passion, commitment, and thought invested in creating an atmosphere of beauty that seamlessly flows through the 8 Pool View rooms to the 3 Bungalows and the 2 incredible 4-bedroom Villas.

We speak with Beth Lepley & Dylan Maley, the visionary forces and overall wonderful humans behind it all. 

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RPL: Tell us a little about yourselves and your background.

Beth: I grew up in Maryland but spent all of my twenties in LA acting and doing comedy. None of which are very useful here! But hand in hand with that profession comes a lot of cocktail serving (reflected in the sampled, delicious, and original cocktail menu) and hospitality work. Dylan, who is from Australia, is a dietician by day and a part-time chef at the weekend. He also grew up in the background of his parent’s pub, so we both had exposure to and experience in hospitality.

Dylan’s passion for food is reflected in the thoroughly enjoyed sampled menu, which introduces exciting fresh flavours to locally sourced produce.

We met while on holiday in Bali, and after a few years in LA, we thought, how do we want to wake up in the morning? What do we want our days to look like? And then, also, what if you didn’t have to work for someone else all the time and feel like a hamster in a wheel? So during a holiday stay in Nicaragua, we thought we could do something like this!

RPL: How did you approach the land purchase?

B&D: A lot of research online, in person, and working with real estate agencies like Reef Property Lombok. We also spoke to as many people and business owners as we could about their experiences to get their advice. Then we arrived at NagaIndo Twin Peak Development, and it felt right. There’s a reassurance in ‘safety in numbers’ from an up-and-running development and the infrastructure already being in place, so we just pulled the trigger!

RPL: What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

B&D: I think we’ve been very lucky overall. We haven’t faced any major issues with the build or the process, and we made sure to surround ourselves with professionals like our architect and build team. We’re fairly new to this, so we took the approach that we’re going to encounter problems, so really just say, “Ok, it’s happened; now let’s solve it and learn from it. Probably the biggest challenge was the timeline and having a baby at the same time as finishing the project!


RPL: We love the interior design. Tell us about that process.

B&D: We’ve taken a lot of time finding suppliers, preferably local ones, and forming ongoing relationships with them. We found some suppliers in Bali who were actually shipping their goods from Lombok! So we took the time to find them and form relationships and collaborations. We’ve also arranged for some workshop visits for our guests.

Our friends at Design Assembly held our hands throughout the process, so it’s a collaboration. Most of the furniture throughout the resort is bespoke, and we certainly learned a lot about the structural design of furniture through the process!


RPL: What advice would you have for anyone looking at taking on a similar project?

B&D: The advice we have for someone looking to do this is to surround yourself with people you trust, and then trust them to sometimes know more than you! Our motto the whole time has been “you don’t know what you don’t know”, so having the humility to let those who DO know sometimes make the suggestions. It can be very easy to micromanage when it’s your project, so it’s been key to find good people to team up with. Also, patience! Lots of patience!

Boni Beach is a testament to the perfect fusion of luxury and tranquilly. Whether you seek a retreat that embodies barefoot luxe, laid-back luxe, or eco luxe, Boni Beach embraces them all. Book your holiday now at Boni Beach. Or better still check out the Boni Beach villa for sale

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