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We had the opportunity to interview the talented team behind Kuta’s newest restaurant, Knalpot.

This hip spot opened in January 2023 and has already become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

I sat down with the two head chefs, Anne and Koen, and beverage specialist, Jelle, to learn more about their unique approach to food and drinks.

RPL: Tell us a bit about yourselves

Anne: Koen and I met while working in Asia, and we bonded over our love for food. We traveled all over Asia, seeking out the most delicious and flavorful dishes we could find.

Koen: I have worked as a head chef at two 2-star Michelin restaurants, and have opened three restaurants in the past four to five years, including one in Singapore and two in Amsterdam.

Anne: We wanted to bring the memories of amazing food from all over Asia to Knalpot.

RPL: Knalpot is the only restaurant with beers on tap in Kuta. What kind of beer do you offer?

Jelle: We serve craft brews from Island Brewing in Bali. They send us new brews and seasonal beers to serve, and we do food pairings for all of them.

RPL: What makes the drinks at Knalpot so unique?

Jelle: We make all of our specialty drink ingredients in-house, using local ingredients to infuse with the spirits. We use a fat washing oils infusion technique that really brings out the natural flavors of both the liquor and the ingredients being used to infuse the liquor.

Anne: We have even infused peanut butter, cashews, and rice. We also make our own homemade soft drinks, like grapefruit tonic water and bitter lemonade.

RPL: Your dishes are receiving a lot of praise. What makes them so exceptional?

Koen: We love food and only create dishes that we would want to eat ourselves. We don’t want to be restricted by a specific concept, so we’re free to create anything we want. Our cuisine is influenced by Indonesia and the spices and ingredients available in the region.

Anne: We blend together local herbs and spices to create dishes that are full of natural flavors. We source our ingredients as locally as possible, and make everything we can from scratch.

RFP: Can you give us an example of one of your signature dishes?

Koen: Our goat cheese salad is a perfect example of our approach. We get goat milk from a local farmer and make our own goat cheese. It only takes about 3 days to make, and it’s incredibly delicious.

Anne: We also love using locally sourced meat, like duck, chicken, and fish. We make our own chicken pate and source as much produce from an organic farm in Tampa Hills.

RFP: What sets Knalpot apart from other restaurants in Kuta?

Anne: Our no-concept approach really sets us apart. We’re not restricted by any rules or boundaries, and we’re free to create anything we want. Our focus is on amazing food and a great atmosphere, rather than an exclusive or fancy feel.

Koen: We’re also committed to using local ingredients and supporting local farmers and producers. We want to showcase the incredible flavors and ingredients that are available in this region.

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