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There is certainly a lot of excitement in Lombok at the moment with the recent announcement that the commercial and television rights holders for MotoGP, Dorna Group have signed a 3 year agreement to host a MotoGP in South Lombok from 2021. The decision has been met with some scepticism locally with a large task ahead in constructing the track and associated infrastructure required to host a world class event.


The scepticism has focused on the state-run tourism and development arm, ITDC’s ability to execute projects on time in the past, but in the plus column for this announcement we see the following:


Thailand hosted their first MotoGP in 2018 and it was a huge success with over 220,000 people attending over the three days, a record attendance during the 2018 racing calendar. The event was also held in a developing area and it is reported that the track was completed in an 18 month timeframe giving confidence to those involved here that it’s possible to build and host an event within what sounds like a short timescale.


The Thailand race is already leading to the local airport expanding and hotel construction commencing. It seems once the race is a reality the investment will follow.


Although there is currently a lack of hotel rooms in the immediate vicinity of Mandalika (the proposed track site), once you look within a two hour radius, including airport accommodation, Mataram and Senggigi you realise that Lombok is well placed to accommodate an influx of tourist in what is traditionally the low season (Oct/Nov) when the race is expected to be held. Motor racing tracks are often located some distance from hotels, so expect coaches to transport spectators from the hotels across the island.


The French firm Vinci is on board as both an investor and head contractor. This adds a partner with a background in delivering large projects.


MotoGP is well on board with Indonesia long being a targeted location to add to their racing calendar as they look to shift from a heavy European focus to the huge growth markets in SE Asia. Not to mention Indonesia being the world’s 4th most populous nation who use the motorcycle as their main mode of transportation, it’s also a great win for MotoGP.


There are a lot of people from all sides of the equation working to make this race a reality, and when the race does arrive, it will be visually the most spectacular stop on the circuit.


If you want to stay up to date with the actual construction progress on-site stay in touch with us, we are based only minutes from the site.

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