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Part 1 of our two part blog series looks at the benefits of engaging with a Real Estate Agency when buying property in Lombok. If you’re considering a property or land purchase in Lombok read on to hear why it pays to engage with an on the ground Real Estate Agency. Or go straight to Part 2: Why Use a Real Estate Agency when selling property in Lombok


When buying land or a villa in Lombok you will likely deal with a mix of property developers selling their projects directly as well as Real Estate Agents selling property on their behalf. It’s not always clear which you are dealing with. There are some unique benefits of dealing with a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent not affiliated with a sole developer which we outline further below:


1. Receive a broad overview of the market – As real estate agents deal with a range of buyer requirements and offer For Sale a variety of properties they are in tune with how the property market as a whole is performing, what projects are progressing well and which you may be better to avoid. This is critical in a location such as Lombok where most buyers are not full time living on the island.


2. A larger range of properties for you to choose from – As real estate agents are contacted regularly by sellers they will be able to offer you not only a broader range of options than a developer with a specific product, but also make sure that product best suits your requirements.


3. A more independent view point – Developers are focused on their own projects. In contrast good Real Estate Agent will be across all projects in their market. If you have found a property you like elsewhere an agent can be a good sounding board on the pros and cons of a particular project.


4. Based in Lombok – Many developers as based elsewhere in Indonesia, or sometimes even overseas, as well as their sales staff. Having an expert on-the-ground provides you with a range of advice that being based remotely just cannot provide.


So before you decide on a property purchase in Lombok make sure you get expert advice. Contact us today to discuss your property requirements.


If you enjoyed this article, you can check out Part 2 of the discussion here.

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