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If you have read Part 1 of the blog series then you’ll be across the reasons why you should engage with a Real Estate Agent when considering buying property in Lombok but what about if you’re looking to sell property? What are the unique benefits of engaging with a Real Estate Agent when selling your property or land in Lombok? Read on for our view. 


So you have previously purchased property in Lombok and now you’re looking at potentially selling? Often sellers here are based overseas and don’t have the ability to sell their property directly. Below are some of the reasons it pays to hire an experienced Real Estate Agent to promote your property.


1. Active Database of potential purchasers – Being in the market and dealing with buyers and sellers on a daily basis, a Real Estate Agent is best placed to find a buyer that is the right fit for your property


2. Presenting the property professionally – Your agent will be able to make sure your property is presented at its best. This may include making sure your land is photographed at the best time of year/day/ weather conditions (and hiring the best photographers), Styling your villa, and adding your property to an attractive and well viewed website


3. Executing a marketing campaign – Having your property as widely viewed as possible is important to ensuring the best possible price is achieved.


4. Analysis of the market – A good agent will be able to make sure your property is priced correctly and give feedback during your campaign at where buyer’s demand for your type of asset is sitting.


When it comes time to selling your property make sure you contact your local Real Estate Agent to discuss what the best path forward may be for your property.

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