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So you have decided to sell your land in Lombok and would like to achieve the best selling price possible.

What measures can you take to assist the sales campaign to have the best chance of success?

Read on for our top tips on preparing your land for sale.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

The items you will require to complete a sale and that potential buyers are likely to request include: A copy of your land certificate. A site plan. Confirmation and evidence that relevant taxes have been paid and a zoning certificate. We recommend that you get these items in order before you embark on a sales campaign as this will speed up the due diligence process and provide buyers with confidence. 

Mark and Confirm your Land Boundaries

Many raw land sites in South Lombok do not have clear or marked boundaries. Before commencing a marketing campaign we suggest you confirm your boundaries with BPN ( government department) and ideally fence (this can be done affordably) your boundary once confirmed.

Present Your Land in its Best Light

 Clear your property of high grass and shrubs, make it accessible to walk across and improve any access roads if required to allow potential buyers to properly inspect your site. Many buyers will be initially screening properties from overseas so its important that your land photographs well. 

Engage a Real Estate Agent

 Contact a Real Estate Agent to get any additional tips on how to maximise the selling price of your property. They are experts in what buyers require and are attracted to. Of course we at Reef Property Lombok are able to assist and point you in the right direction. Check out our article on Why Use  a Real Estate Agent if you still need some convincing. 

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