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We catch up with Pink Nusa Properties, Lombok’s villa rental management services

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in villa construction, not just for permanent residences but also for individuals looking for seasonal stays and holiday rentals.

Managing staff, property maintenance, guest interactions, and ensuring healthy profit margins from abroad can be a difficult and daunting task. A proficient on-site team is pivotal to the success of holiday rentals, addressing this demanding need for reliable and affordable villa management services.

Enter Pink Nusa, an initiative spearheaded by Raphael Levesque, a French/South African entrepeneur fluent in no less than seven languages with a diverse background spanning from fragrance development to guest management. Raph was originally drawn to Lombok during a sabbatical and immediately recognised the untapped business potential. Encouraged by a friend, he ventured into villa management. Fast forward a few months, and Pink Nusa is growing at an unprecedented pace.

Tell us about your services

Pink Nusa offers end-to-end service for villa owners.

From professional property photography to listing creations across booking platforms, pricing strategies, housekeeping, maintenance, guest relations and services, as well as marketing and social media management—every detail is meticulously handled. Pink Nusa can transform a villa into a market-ready listing within a mere 24 hours.

My focus lies in guest management, ensuring an impeccable experience from the first inquiry to the end of their stay. Anticipating guests’ needs and accommodating their requests are paramount. All properties managed by us boast 5-star reviews and Airbnb Super Host status.

For owners, the service provides not only robust profit margins but also peace of mind, knowing their properties are in capable hands. Property maintenance is a high priority, and our maintenance team keeps on top of it to ensure issues don’t become problems.

We have great tools and reports in place to provide owners with full visibility and transparency into their properties performance. Owners can be completely hands-off or as involved as they wish to be in the running of their business. 

 What is your pricing structure?

Pink Nusa operates on a flat fee per property plus commission model. Our pricing packages are tailored to each property to account for variables such as location, property size, available services, and staff requirements.

Despite the customisation, our prices remain highly competitive, owing to the business’s current scale, which allows us to share costs and strategic marketing efforts, ensuring consistently high occupancy rates through our growing network.

Community Engagement

Beyond business, community growth is very important to me. We create local employment opportunities by providing training and support for staff. Additionally, we operate on a no-commission policy for ancillary services such as bike rentals, airport transfers, and day trip excursions, ensuring revenue directly benefits the local community.

What is the biggest challenge in this field, and what aspects do you find most enjoyable?

Good question! Consistency, whether it be in housekeeping, villa presentation, customer service, or guest interaction, For me, consistency is key. I have very high standards and expectations from our staff and expect them to be maintained at all times, which requires a great deal of time and supervision.

Being available to guest requests 24/7 is incredibly demanding and time-consuming; however, I enjoy connecting with and building relationships with our guests. It is very satisfying when they have a great stay and have the best time on the island to know that we played a major part in that. I even keep in touch with some of them!

Being able to provide owners with the peace of mind that their properties are being looked after and seeing my team grow and go from strength to strength is also very rewarding.

What’s next for Pink Nusa?

Currently managing 12 villas across Kuta, Selong Belanak, and Gerupuk in South Lombok, we are rapidly expanding our team to cater for the growing demand while being conscious of maintaining top-level services and experiences. We have much more to offer in this field, with some exciting offerings on the horizon, so watch this space!


If you’d like more information about Pink Nusa services, please contact Raph at +62 812-3937-9637.

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